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Limitless and Boundless

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Empower Individuals & Communities

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Mental Health
infinitus Commitment

Advancing Education

Education is an umbrella term encompassing -
Lived experience, Cultural and Academic Knowledge. 

Our commitment is to hold space for persons to cultivate a Limitless Mindset; creating, sharing, exploring and growing their knowledge. 

Reducing Poverty

Poverty isn't a choice, a place, or bad luck. Poverty can be defined as absolute, subjective  and objective. It affects mental and physical health in the short and long term, while also influencing daily actions and behaviours.

Our focus is to create a safe space for discussion, networking and personal development. 

Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship are pillars of human existence. The reality is that barriers of access are what push people away from practicing their skills and pursuing their passions.

Our commitment is to bridge the disconnect/barriers  between youth, community and industry. 

Building Capacity

Giving someone a fish will feed them in the short term. Teaching them to fish will empower them in the long term.

Our focus is to provide skills, tools and network to ensure people are confident and comfortable to embrace their potential.

Removing Barriers to Access


June 15

Congratulations to our Founder and CEO @exclusivelydre for being selected as the @black_business_initiative ‘s Entrepreneur of the Year!

June 1
"Grateful for the opportunity to join this year's Atlantic Leadership Form to run a session on Infrastructuring Your Life 2Embrace Your Limitless Potential. Much love to @fusion for hosting this event and for the invite! 🌎👣


April 18
 Last week #InfinitusAcademy delivered back to back workshops on #SelfAdvocacy, during C.P Allen’s #MentalHealth & #Wellness Week! There was amazing discussion and insight from the students! 🔥Thank you for having us 🙏🏾

April 9 - 2019

Our Founder and CEO joined the WXN - Womens Executive Network Halifax Speaker Series, to discuss Empathetic Leadership - Leading with Strength and Compassion. 

Last week @exclusivelydrewas invited to come talk to the Masters in Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation (MTEI) students at the @sobeyschoolsmu. Andreas discussed Entrepreneurship, Starting-Up, and Holding Space for Self. ♾

"A Sign of a good leader is not how many followers you have, but  how many leaders you create"

Mahatma Ghandi

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Embrace Your Limitless Potential