Organizations & Government Agencies

As the social and cultural narrative changes towards more emphasis on client centered engagement, the need to integrate an authentic engagement practice to leverage the insights, knowledge and experience in the room. 

Youth & Young Professional Engagement
Authentic Engagement
Brand Development
Strategic Road-Mapping

Train the Trainer

As a trainer, teacher, practitioner or consultant, our role is to provide the best service and most value for our clients. These sessions empower persons to explore intercultural and intergeneration practices that reduce barriers to communication & restrictiving , by leveraging existing group dynamics 

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
Building Shared Meaning

Facilitator  Training 

As the social and cultural narrative changes towards more emphasis on client centered engagement - social and emotional intelligence enable service providers to meet participants where they are and leverage the insights and experience in the room to positively. Our Infinitus facilitator training focuses on equips persons understand group dynamics, peer + social and emotional learning. This methodology integrates aspects of open space, deep democracy and other elements to be confident and mindful in both facilitating and holding space.

Infinitus Curriculum  Program 

Our understanding of the world we live in stems from our education - lived + academic insight and experience. Our ability to develop, tailor and integrate curriculum based on the needs of our group ensure that participants are empowered to actively explore their own learning. 

Our curriculum ranges from Identity, Resiliency, Leadership, Mental Health and Wellbeing to Digital and Financial literacy, along with Entrepreneurship, Emotional Intelligence and Service Learning.

Infinitus Academy

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