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East Preston Pacers
      Easter Classic

"It's More than Basketball!"

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Games @ the East Preston Rec Centre will be live streamed *

Games @ North Preston Rec Centre will be recorded

We're back for year 3, March 28th - 31st!  

The East Preston Pacers host the Annual Easter Classic in East Preston Nova Scotia.

The Easter Classic is a basketball tournament put on to bring youth, individuals and community members together to celebrate our youth, culture and magic. 


The tournament will have lots of give-aways, prizes and contests for all ages throughout the weekend - including two easter egg hunts!

It will also 
feature a weekend of youth basketball at various sites around the city, before finishing in Preston Township - with games in East Preston and North  for the medal games!


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How We Get Down:

This tournament is a community and family first environment! We are committed to creating a safe space for everyone to come together to celebrate our culture, heritage and the talents of our community!

2022 Tournament Keezondre Smith Memorial MVP

Drekel Clayton

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