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OUR Response
to the Pandemic / COVID Restrictions and increase of Digitization


This era of COVID-19 is more than just a Pandemic, it has highlighted the existing bottlenecks and systemic *challenges* across industries and borders. Now more than ever the stressors and pressures compound for individuals and organizations as communities respond to COVID safety measures.


We are committed to providing continuous excellence and as such we have postponed specific in-person community events and engagements and have shifted to online/remote platforms.


We are working with community partners to connect with affected participants and community members to identify and create ways to support them where they are. We will continue to adjust our programming experience to maximize safety and learning. In light of COVID, we're doubling down on our values - Removing Barriers to Access, Advancing Education, Building Capacity and Reducing Poverty

Lantern Festival

OUR COVID Statement February/2022 - Doubling Down in this Era


Focusing on building partnerships, programs and development locally and globally through our hybrid approach to programs, curriculum, events, engagement and content. We are doubling down on our combination of physical and digital . 

We all have an increased duty of care - now more than ever, co-creation, collaboration and authentic engagement are critical. Double Down on your mission, values and priorities.

Our focus over the coming year is to take strategic action in Canada - across the Atlantic Region, and bridge industries, the East and West coast as well as the Central Regions!  As we continue to build relationships and opportunities across the Americas - in the United States and Caribbean - we are also stepping back into our collaborations* in Africa, Europe and Asia.


This will look like an increase in advocacy, capacity building, partnerships and all around double down in our commitment to collective impact - integrating multiple stakeholders -  youth, community, industry and government  into our events, programming, content & curriculum, collaborations. With an emphasis on increasing accessibility, education, building capacity and reducing barriers to access we will continue to develop resources, best practice documents, research and leverage our platform, privleges and power to positively uplift our communities - the people, the policies, the environment and the infrastructure!

Representation matters always, and it looks like the people around the table, sharing, speaking, listening and making decisions. 

We will lead by example, accountable to our values, mission as well as our cultural and global best practices. 



Image by Estée Janssens

OUR COVID Statement March 13/2021 - Navigating In this Digital Era


Continuing our programs in schools - communities , organizations across the Atlantic regions and spreading into Ontario/ Quebec as well as the western Regions.

Doubling down on our commitment to our hybrid approach of virtual and in person programming, events and engagements. 

The importance of accessibility is at an all time high, with everyone continuing to be challenged with remotely working - learning - buying - selling - living.... We have quickly been put in a place of normalizing practices that in many cases were 'unimaginable' , 'too difficult', 'unlikely' , or were challenged as a big change... These changes have now happened, through force... Those organizations, individuals and communities who already have access, experience, and opportunities benefited further from this shift, while many were put in situations where they had to make extra adjustments, concessions (trades), or increased further strain or costs....

Everyone has been pushed into the digital economy, everyone has been tasked with having their daily routines - whether parts or the whole thing, happen online. Playing games, watching movies, having audio or video calls with friends, family and now professionally. 

All of the parts of our lives are interconnected, and adding COVID / the pandemic and many layers of health or government restrictions, isolation and shift to regular routines - has created lasting change. At every level, individually, organizationally and for communities, this is a true test of  mental, physical, emotional, and financial health and well being is at an all time high.

We must take intentional action - our duty to take care of self, family, community and whatever organizations you represent. It is a time for action, reflection, growth and change. 


OUR COVID Statement March 13/2020 - Transitioning into Restrictions


In light of the emergency and precautionary measures across Canada and in support of the World Health Organization's efforts to inform and help individual communities slow the spread of Covid-19, we are postponing in person community events and specific engagements and are working with community partners to connect with affected participants.


We will continue to adjust our programming experience to maximize safety and learning.To our Nova Scotian, Canadian and International Family, let’s follow Health Authorities & Best Practices regarding the possible risks to the health and well-being of our families, elders and those at increased risk in our communities.


We need to be intentional and mindful during these unprecedented times. Focus on practising positive habits, eating healthy and taking care of your immune system!

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