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Our Values

As a brand, an organization as individuals and community members we understand that we have privileges, platform, and we will prioritize honuouring our values in delivering experiences, services, when collaborating, partnering as well as hiring. 

Our Culture

Culture is one of the most important things in an organization, from its success, failure, ability to grow, be resilient, or be stuck in the past.

Culture Eats Strategy....which means intentional or not, your culture will have an impact on your performance. 

Our Culture is one that embraces Anti-Racism, Innovation, Digitization (Digital), Social Responsibility & Social Entrepreneurship.


We lead with these at the forefront of our work as they are integral to our standards of excellence We are committed to providing a collaborative, respectful and safe environment that is free from discrimination, harassment or racism of any form.


All employees, partners, collaborators - including management - are both required and expected to honour this.

No community, person or organization is above this. ​



Accountability is defined as The obligation or willingness to accept responsibility for your actions or for the impact of your actionsIn all relationships - personally and professionally accountability is a key ingredient. It goes hand in hand with trust and respect - understanding when and how to be accountable is part of levelling up - your success and growth. Individual, organizations and communities must be accountable - to themselves and those around them - we are all part of a larger picture. In this digital era / information age it's important to realize that we benefit, operate and interact in public - physically or digitally.

Our words, standards, values, policies, products, services, engagement and partnerships are all things we must be accountable for - along with the experience we create. People and Organizations have multiple touch points where others can and do experience them - part of being accountable is being intentional. How do you want others to experience you?

Whether you make a mistake, are learning, hold firm on a boundary, hold a partner or client accountable - is all a part of your duty of care. Accountability is a key to success, and a core value @ Infinitus. 


Co-Creation aka
Authentic Collaboration

Real, authentic collaboration means enabling everyone to leverage their lived experiences to create value! It's not about deciding the topics, what the plan is or what must happen, before inviting others along. We are talking about co-creation, focusing on infrastructuring the environment/space to ensure we reduce barriers to access, increase relevance and visibility to ensure each experience is authentic - with the full amount of colour or magic in each step. 


Social Impact Responsibility
aka Duty of Care

Every individual, organization and community has an impact on the people it engages with. We all benefit from privileges, have a platform, and the duty to reduce barriers and increase opportunities for those around us. What tangibles do you put in place to take action, accountability, reduce harm and to create value for the communities around you.

In-Kind Social Commitment is our focus on reducing barriers to access for our service and experiences - we honour the reality that not everyone has the same financial capacity. Impact, Value and Relationships are priority to us and and we ensure that individuals, communities and organizations are able to collaborate on their terms!


Anti-Racism, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

We live in the Information Age - where accessibility is tied to opportunity - those who can connect digitially or physically are able to benefit. On top of that we have the reality of systems, barriers, and lack of accessible opportunities. These facts, mean that we must take an action and pragmatic orientation towards reducing barriers to access and increasing opportunities for individuals, organizations, communities and nations. 


We must pair strategic and intentional thinking with execution and ensure that we focus on having a proper foundation or perspective - the gel or cement - that holds things together. When we want to change the narrative and foster the growth and development of human capital it becomes critical to centre Anti-Racism, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion based practices - into policy, process, operations, collaboration, partnerships, hiring, retention and promotion. Everything stems from the root - the organizational culture must be one whose foundational principals honour - Anti-Racism, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. 









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