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Our Story

Commitment to Impact

Since starting, we have continued unapologetically in our commitment to build a platform that bridges the disconnect between youth and each-other, their communities, industry and government!


Now - we continue to honour this commitment in new ways, with partnerships, programs and work!

Join us on our Journey!


  • First Registered! 


  • Saint Mary's University TESL International Language Centre- Customized Active Listening Programming

  • Saint Mary's University- Workshops on sexual consent and student athlete resiliency


  • Saint Mary's University -Welcome Week-  Multi-Year Transition Workshops for incoming university students

  • Limitless (-2018) in Partnership with the Department of Justice and NSCC -personal and professional development in all four of the provincial correctional facilities -


  • Tech Shy to Tech Savvy (-2022) provincial Digital Literacy program Nova Scotia wide, both in person and virtual (ran through COVID)

  • 11-week Personal, Professional development program in Jamaica with University of Technology

  • Ancestral Roots Regional Summits (-2019) partnership with DBDLI
    (Delmore Buddy Daye Learning Institute)


  • Digital entrepreneurship program - partnership with Department of Community Services and NSCC


  • Building Bridges (-2021) Provincial- Novas Scotia wide program with 50+ schools - junior high and high-school. In person and virtual (ran through COVID)

  • COADY International Institute - Saint Francis Xavier University: - Growing Social Justice at X: Re-imagining the Coady Chair in Social Justice. Focused on holding a series of communities engagement sessions to reimagine the role of the institution and chair


  • Kings County Anti-Racism and Anti-Discrimination Strategic Action Plan

  • Early Childhood Education - Atlantic Canada wide program leading strategic design and consultation

  • Lunenburg County Anti-Racism & Anti-Discrimination 


  • Anger Management Programming - partnership with Brotherhood under NS Health

  • Business of Self - personal, professional and employability development *closed space program*

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