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Frequently Asked Questions-F.A.Q.

Building Shared Language

We at Infinitus - our brand and our group of social impact enterprises wear many hats, are involved in many causes, events, programs, as well as delivers multiple services and products - please find below a list of some of the frequently asked questions - to help build shared language and to inform how we collaborate, partner, provide, exchange and conduct business and deliver our products and services. 

What is A Social Enterprise?

A social enterprise or social impact enterprise is an organization that operates with social impact objectives as part of its core business mission, vision and operations. There are many ways they can achieve this - in addition to their primary service delivery they can provide support to communities or specific causes. 

What is Live Infinitus or the Infinitus Brand?

Live Infinitus is the umbrella or parent brand for the group of social enterprises Infinitus Acadmey Inc. and Limitless Media.

who are focused on advancing education, building capacity, reducing barriers to access, reducing poverty 

Areas of Expertise

Authentic Engagement

Community Engagement

Emotional Intelligence

Change Management / Transitions

High Performance

Digitization (adoption, transition and relevance in the digital age)


Equity, Diversity, Inclusion

Financial Literacy

Cultural Literacy

Digital Literacy

Strategic Consulting

Facilitation (virtual & in person)
Event Management & Planning (virtual & in person)

Public Speaking - Keynotes, Panel Discussions, MC or Hosting /Master of Ceremonies*

Do you provide charitable receipts?

While in the process of registration for charitable status for one of our social enterprises, we currently (at this time) are unable to provide charitable receipts.  

What do we do?

Consulting - Training & Learning, Curriculum and Event, Design, Development and Management

Facilitation, Digital and Social Media and Content Creation

What is In-Kind Social Commitment and how does Infinitus use this?

In-Kind Social Commitment is our focus on reducing barriers to access for our service and experiences - we honour the reality that not everyone has the same financial capacity. Impact, Value and Relationships are priority to us and and we ensure that individuals, communities and organizations are able to collaborate on their terms!

If you have any questions we haven't listed please reach out and send us a message 

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What Our Clients Say

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If you have any questions we haven't listed please reach out and send us a message 

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