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25-year Brand Vision to Impact and Engage 1 Billion Persons Globally and Create $1 Billion in Annual Value, Impact and Revenue

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To Empower Youth, Individuals & Communities to Embrace their Limitless Potential™

Behind the Brand

We provide persons with a different outlook, through focusing on engagement and participatory learning, the tools with which to be successful. Infinitus is positioned as a platform for students to bridge the gap, and begin to build a network of positive, resilient, and confident students who understand how to set goals, and are able to ask the Right questions. We encourage students to find positive role models and mentors, and challenge them to develop and define themselves on their own terms.

What is Infinitus?

Infinitus is an action-based social enterprise, with the mission to empower Youth, Individuals and Communities to Embrace their Limitless Potential. We focus on inclusivity and acceptance of ALL persons - regardless of sexuality, gender, race, culture, or faith

Our focus on combining Experiential Learning with Peer Based Learning and infusing an Afrocentric lens and values allows us to hold space and create positive group dynamics. We infuse Social and Emotional Learning with Cultural Capital into all our programming - Events, Training & Learning and Multimedia. Throughout our operations we are committed to sustainability and refining best practices; of ourselves, our partners and our community at large.

Our belief in a collective impact fuels our commitment to partnerships with local and national community/volunteer organizations, businesses, and schools, as well as our Infinitus Academy's Enrichment Programs, Events, Coaching, and  Workshops - and to Living Infinitus!

Peer Based Learning
Cultural Capital
Social & Emotional
Our Team
Andreas Robinson

Founder and President

Behind the Mask- A CEO's Journey

With a collective 30 + years of combined counselling, education and teaching experience to draw on, our work is grounded in research and industry standard best practices. - Our team members have a range of formal training including: Resiliency, Leadership, and Student Athlete Resiliency, Cultural Sensitivity and Sexual Consent from the Saint Mary's University Centre for the Study of Sport and Health, as well as High Five National Certification, Emergency First Aid and CPR/C, Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST), and Sexual Violence Support.

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