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Limitless Media

Limitless Media is one of the Infinitus Group of Companies, and is focused on personal, professional branding & development, with a specific focus on content creation - digital and video for individuals, entrepreneurs, organizations and communities.


Brand Video

Event Shoot

Game Changer- CTV Feature on Andreas Robinson

Recent events:
Halifax Grammar School

A combination of workshops for both grade eight and nine students. Sessions will combine discussions and activities to discuss: self regulation, time management, stress management, and self-. Key components  include disputing negative thinking, monitoring and managing anxiety, and the importance of finding your day-to-day balance.

Highland Park

Workshops for the entire school! Sessions will combine discussions and activities to discuss: Identity/Resiliency and Leadership/Mental Health and Well-being respectively.

Location: Highland Park Jr. High, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Infinitus Grade 9 Transition Summit

The purpose of this conference is to equip students with the proper skills, mindset, and attitude to successfully transition into their first year of high-school. It is an opportunity to identify and introduce students to their potential, and enable them to build on their leadership, resilience, mental health and well-being, and their identity. The hook, this is an opportunity for students to be a part of a unique, safe, and empowering atmosphere focused on motivating and inspiring to embrace their Limitless Potential.

Time: 9:30-3pm

Location: Saint Mary's University, Halifax, Nova Scotia


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Post Production

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Different Features
Black In Business.jpg

Black In Business
Feb 1st - 

This series is aimed at highlighting Entrepreneurs across the diaspora to foster tangible ways to support and provide resources.

Leadership Highland Park Junior High

A session focusing on tools to help students successfully transition into jr. high school through content on: identity, resiliency, leadership, and time management.

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