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Individuals & Entrepreneurs

Executive Coaching

Mentoring/Coaching has been a timeless practice to grow your perspective, learn new skills/insights, confidence while also developing a deeper sense of self and network. 

The core benefits of this Infinitus mentoring is aimed at impacting youth, young professionals, entrepreneurs and members within organizations. These sessions can be done one - on one, or on customized groups - whether in-person, virtually or some combination to tailor sessions to the needs of the groups.

Brand Development

In the Digital Age we must simply differentiating your products and services from others in the market. We will help you build and leverage Brand Equity, by creating a culture that reflects your core values and aligns them with the way you engage your customers and potential customers, to enhance their experiences and forge a deeper relationship with your Brand.

Leadership Identity

As you move up the career ladder, continuously developing your leadership skills is essential to fulfilling your increased responsibilities. We help you maximize your potential as you discover your values, talents, skills, strengths and possible areas for development.

Professional Profile

Unhappy about your current career, yet unsure about where to start? Trying to figure out what makes you tick? The Career Identity Program helps you identify the right career.

Personal and Professional Transitioning

Getting promoted? Starting a new career? Ready to start your own company? This program helps you clarify your concerns/challenges and allows you to focus on making your dream career a reality.

Facilitator  Training 

As the social and cultural narrative changes towards more emphasis on client centered engagement - social and emotional intelligence enable service providers to meet participants where they are and leverage the insights and experience in the room to positively. Our Infinitus facilitator training focuses on equips persons understand group dynamics, peer + social and emotional learning. This methodology integrates aspects of open space, deep democracy and other elements to be confident and mindful in both facilitating and holding space.

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