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Infinitus Academy




Infinitus Academy is a team of passionate mentors that work with youth groups, schools, and teams to identify connections between achievements in different aspects of life and the foundations of success.


Through the use of interactive engagements, the Academy aims to provide youth of all ages with the tools needed to foster constructive attitudes, set and achieve goals, overcome and learn from obstacles, and build and grow a successful network.


Jr. High Workshops

Workshops focused on developing the understanding of Identity, Resiliency, Leadership, and Mental Health in personal growth and success.

Gr 9 - Keys to successfully Transitioning to High-School

Enrichment Programs

With a wealth of playing and coaching experience in multiple sports, our facilitators aim to provide a dynamic and inclusive  environment. With a focus on engagement, building interest, basic concepts, and skill development of select sports, programs provide an opportunity for a positive and active-based  way to learn.

Elementary Workshops

Building off our core pillars of Identity, Resiliency, Leadership, and Mental Health, workshops engage students to identify their goals, build good habits, and explore role models and mentors in their lives. Sessions incorporate SMART goal setting, the importance of communication and encourage creativity.

High-school Workshops

In high-school, there's a new level of independence, a bigger and more diverse student population, with new distractions, frustrations, and opportunities.

Workshops discuss the importance of aspirations and identify the balance that is a student; self confidence, reputation, family, friends and academics and/or athletics.

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