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OUR SEssionS

The ability to communicate is one of the most important life skills, and is key for personal growth, developing your understanding, and building trust. Life is a story, and everyone's journey is different.

Our programs are outlined below, with content and sessions focused on engagement with students. It is the goal of these discussions to help the students identify the connections between achievements in different aspects of life and how those translate into a foundation for success. The workshops highlight family, friends, teachers, other mentors and role models, and self-confidence. Key components  include developing a plan, passion and goals, and the importance of finding your day to day balance.


The ability to overcome adversity is a key to being successful. This workshop empowers students to embrace adversity, by equipping them with the tools to interpret challenges and setbacks as opportunities for growth.


Who am I?

The words you use to answer this question dictate your thoughts, emotions, and actions. In this workshop students are challenged to explore their independence, and to take control in their lives through active decision making

Mental Well-Being

Mental health is key for personal growth and development. The difficulty is that it's affected every day, and unlike physical health it's difficult to pickup on. Through self-awareness, nutrition, communication, and finding personal time, each person is able to find their own balance.



The transition from elementary to jr. high, and jr high to high-school brings adversity. At all levels, in school and in sport youth slip through the cracks. The key is changing your perspective to see the opportunity.


Everyone has a picture in their head of what the ideal leader is. The reality is that leaders come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. This workshop discusses the importance Mentors and Role Models have on personal development, growth, and success. 

Student Athlete

The life of a Student Athlete is filled with stress, struggle, adversity, success, and fulfillment. Student Athletes face pressure from teammates, classmates, coaches, teachers, and family, and have to find a way to navigate through it all and be successful.

High School Sessions
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