Students will be engaged in activities to develop Individual Uniqueness, Sense of Self, and establishing a Support System for positive influence.

i) A sample activity- Students select five words that describe who they are, and explain both internal and external factors that influence their decision making.

Mental Health

Workshops focus on the importance of developing positive routines, finding personal time, maintaining a balanced and nutritional diet, as well as getting rest in having a good state of mental health. Through activity and discussion, students will have the ability to ask questions, gain insight, and learn about proactive ways to become more aware about the state of their mental health.


Through activities and participation, students will work together to develop a focused, growth mindset, and to draw on past experiences to identify how they overcame setbacks. As experience is your biggest teacher, students will identify situations where people have experienced adversity, and have failed, or succeeded.


The workshop challenges students to identify/seek mentors and role models in their own lives. Here, we discuss the ideas of Focus, Aspiration, Communication, and Confidence, and how they appear in people we consider leaders. Students will be actively engaged through activities, and handouts to identify and discuss unique traits of leadership.

Student Athlete

This workshop draws on discussion, active participation, competition, and group experience to distinguish between failure and opportunity. Every student athlete faces challenges, both in and outside of sport. The key to succeeding is by separating sport from school, which enhances your ability to take them in stride. This workshop will give student-athletes the tools to increase academic ability and performance, physical ability and performance, and time management.


The goal of this session is to address, inform, and prepare students for their transition. Workshops will have components of both resiliency and identity, as both are key in successfully adjusting to the next level. Students will discuss the importance of routines, goal setting, and positive thinking. A disputing negative thinking exercise will rein in the workshop and provide context for overcoming transitional uncertainty and adversity.