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Andreas' experiences help make him a good motivational speaker. He was able to capture the attention of the students, as he shared his academic and athletic experiences. We have had him come to speak with a small group of African Nova Scotian boys several times, and also the entire grade six classes.  He was dynamic and engaging with both groups.  His ability to remain positive during life's adversities makes him a positive role model for students of all ages.

Carmel Mitchell

Vice Principal, Ian Forsyth Elementary

The students enjoyed the age of the presenters and the fact that they were diverse and included a female athlete as well, that spoke to one student in particular (who wants to become a female athlete herself).

Annette Martin

Grade Nine French Immersion Teacher, Oxford Junior High School

I highly recommend Mr. Robinson as both a presenter and motivational speaker. He is a true professional due to his hard work, dedication and determination. His past and future goals, passion for success and strong family values are a great influence on the students.The students were very appreciative of Mr. Robinson's presentations. They were very engaged and could relate to him on a personal level. His positive energy, enthusiastic presentation and casual style impressed both the staff and students.

Phen Marshall

African Nova Scotia Student Support Worker, Ian Forsyth/Shannon Park Elementary

The students told me that they really enjoyed the presentation - they found it inspiring and that they also liked the interactive part.  They love step into the circle!  One student told me it was the best presentation of the year! 

Melissa Noble

Grade Nine Teacher, Oxford Junior High School

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Andreas and Infinitus Academy came to our school as guest instructors for a series of football workshops for our Enrichment Program. These were conducted for our whole Middle School, and therefore included students of a wide range of general athletic ability, as well as varied initial interest and previous experience in the sport. Andreas' openness, positivity, and preparedness created an environment that drew even reticent students in.

He and his colleague were clearly interested in the students as people: they remembered names, recalled specific efforts during sessions, and, after each day, discussed students they noticed making progress. Andreas and Kanaar sought feedback, and were open to suggestions, taking time to discuss ideas for how to be effective for the next session.

The students had three one-hour workshops, and many, even some who were initially not expecting to enjoy learning about football, were disappointed not to have a longer time with Andreas. I would highly recommend him as a coach: he was fun, professional, tactful, and personally invested in students' progress!

Tania DesRoches

French Teacher/Enrichment Coordinator, Halifax Independent School

The Football Enrichment Program was really engaging and I think everyone felt encouraged to participate. It was really fun!!

Kate D

Grade 9 Student, Halifax Independent School

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