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Infinitus Academy

Post Secondary



Infinitus Academy is a team of passionate mentors that work with youth groups, schools, and teams to identify connections between achievements in different aspects of life and the foundations of success.


Through a focus on transitional programming we integrate our experiential and peer learning model into a framework of engagements focused on empowering individuals all ages with the tools needed to thrive, with a growth mindset, constructive attitudes, set and achieve goals, overcome and learn from obstacles, and build and grow a successful network in their education experience.

Transition Workshops

Building off our core pillars of Identity, Resiliency, Leadership, and Mental Health, we explore transitions and build change management. Workshops engage students to identify their goals, build good habits, time and self regulation, and explore role models and mentors in their lives. Sessions incorporate SMART goal setting, the importance of communication and the need developing a support system

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Opening Space

Honouring the unique challenges transitioning brings, our focus is on creating a space where diverse experiences and perspectives can be voiced, and shared in a positive group dynamic. 

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Mid Semester Check-ins

As actions take 3-4 weeks to become routine and habit, the first month or two is key in shaping someones experience in a new environment.  

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