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Infinitus Academy

Infinitus Academy is a team of passionate mentors that work with youth groups, schools, and teams to identify connections between achievements in different aspects of life and the foundations of success.​
Who We are
What We Do
  • Curriculum Development

  • Events

  • Multimedia

  • Facilitation and Consulting

  • Speaking Engagements

  • Content Creation

Through the use of interactive engagements, the Academy opens a safe space for youth of all ages to be curious and explore the tools needed to foster constructive attitudes, set and achieve goals, overcome and learn from obstacles, and build and grow a successful network.

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Critical parts of every youths experience are their social and cultural connections and support in their communities. It is how, when and with who they engage. Where they see themselves.

What options and opportunities they are exposed to.

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The phase is important for youth along their social, emotional and cultural journey. Here they engage with content and persons with different experiences, are challenged and begin to develop their sense of self.

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Post Secondary

This phase is important for youth as they are transitioning out of schooling into their professional lives. During this time they will be challenged to navigate time and money management, other cultures and ultimately exploring self.

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