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Infinite Program

The Infinite Program is an inclusive opportunity for persons to build their portfolio - grow personally, professionally and experientially!

The work directly impacts youth and persons within our communities and schools by developing life skills, the ability to network and gain leadership experience. 
Participation in this program cultivates emotional intelligence, confidence, public speaking, and presenting skills, in an authentic, empowering and inclusive environment.

Depending on where you are personally and professionally, there is an opportunity to get involved, receive cross-cultural, diversity and high performance experiential training.

Whether you fall into our Junior Infinite - (Jr. High to High school age) or Senior Infinite - (18+) class, this program provides direct service, education and             co-ordination experience along with industry exposure. Infinites will explore self, passions, challenges and interests to explore opportunities to build personal and professional momentum. 

Infinite Volunteer Form

(Clickable link Below)

Now opening our 2022/2023  Call for Infinitus volunteers; persons looking for direct IMPACT in the Community and in Schools have the opportunity to take on a facilitator or mentoring role!

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